Vehicle Re-mapping & Engine Diagnostics

Remapping the engines ECU Unlocks Your Vehicles True Potential

We help you dramatically improve the performace and efficiency of your vehicle.  No matter what kind, type or size of vehicle you own or run, Black-Code can absolutely, positively make it perform better !  Why have the vehicle remapped , benefits ,saving on fuel increased performance and torque a combination of the two !
We have many enquires regarding how vehicles with “Sports Mode” will respond post remap.

Many people do not understand the concept of “Sports Mode” and think that it is an enhancement of the “Standard Mode”, when it is indeed in fact the opposite.
i.e. “Sports Mode” is the default mode whereby the vehicle will achieve its quote maximum performance & torque (as quoted by the Manufacturer), and then all other Modes are essentially modified versions of this base map from factory to decrease performance/throttle response e.g. Eco mode etc.
The other modes in the vehicles ECU will essentially often work by referencing the base map, subsequently decreasing various parameters by a fixed percentage for example retarding spark advance on a Petrol car.  Land Rover Freelander 2  

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